We have a heart for your pool!

A private swimming pool adds to the quality of your house In Provence.

If you rent out your house a swimming pool is almost a must.

It stands for fun for young and old, luxury and relaxation.

Every swimming pool owner knows that, before you can enjoy your pool, several things must be taken care of. You want clear, soft and hygienic water.

PiscineProvence sees it as a challenge to keep your swimming pool in top condition with the use of as little products as possible, so that you and your guests can concentrate on enjoying yourselves. In other words: carefree.

Would you rather take care of your swimming pool yourself?

PiscineProvence offers you the possibility to receive full instructions on how to do this.

In an informal way we can familiarize you with everything you need to know to prepare the pool for winter and summer and how to best use the various products. And above all what you should not do.

We will also give you an insight of the quality of your water by measuring 9 points.

We have a heart for your pool!

Money is important in this world, it is undeniable. Passion is also important. We still learn about pools, products etc. It feels so rewarding to finish the job and see a wonderful pool. No greater joy than to find a solution for an interesting problem.

Did you know

If you have a rust stain in your swimming pool you can remove it by simply rubbing a vitamin C1000-tablet and the stain will disappear.

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Piscine Provence

We have a heart for your pool!