Piscine Provence

We have a heart for your pool!

We would like to give you an insight into all the activities PiscineProvence can perform for you:

Summer ready and Winterizing your pool

Cleaning the pool

Taking care of all the needed products (PH-, PH+ Chloor etc.)

PH probe callibration

Descaling electrolysis plates (salt water pool)

Adjust level of salt in salt water pool

Making a water report based on 9 points

Replacing broken bulbs

Replacing skimmer and pump basket

Replacing sand (glass) in sandfilter

refreshing all the water, deep cleaning and restarting system.

painting of concrete pool

small repairs to liner

Measuring, buying and placing of a b√Ęche (pool cover)

For everything else we have a network of reliable partners.

Did you know

The traditional pool lamp is very  vulnerable. Nowadays there are also LED lights that fit in the same housing as the old bulbs. These LED bulbs are much more economical to use and last longer.

Phone: 0033 (0)6 3803 2482