Piscine Provence

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What are the costs if PiscineProvence maintains my pool?

Depending on the size, the condition, the type of your pool and your wishes, PiscineProvence offers you a flat rate for maintenance. Thus, it is in the interest of PiscineProvence to service your pool on a regular basis. Since we want to invest in long term relationships our prices are very competitive.

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What are the costs for customized advice?

You would like customized advice to be able to maintain your pool in perfect condition yourself? This too we can offer.

We will visit you and explain everything you need to know. We also will make a report of the condition of your water. The fee depends on your location and the time needed.

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Did you know

If your pool smells strongly of chlorine, you should add.... chlorchoc! It sounds strange but what you smell is combined chlorine. Combined chlorine can cause severe eye irritation. The best way to remove it is superchlorination. But remember...The numbers tell the tale!

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