Piscine Provence

We have a heart for your pool!

There are many good reasons as to why you can leave the upkeep of your swimming pool to PiscineProvence.

Some examples:

1) You just want to swim!

      You do not wish to be troubled with taking measures,

     vacuuming, adding chlorine, preparing the pool for

     summer, etc.. You simply want to dive in and enjoy a

     clean and safe pool.

2) The numbers tell the tale!

     We use a professional system (Lamotte) to test the water

     in your pool. We test much more than just Ph and

     Chlorine. The Langelier saturation index for example.

3) Help something is not working!

     Our chore work is pool maintenance. However, we have a

     large network of trustworthy partners. If, for instance,

     the pump breaks down, we can make sure it is repaired

     quickly and at a reasonable price.

4) So many products…. which should I use?

     Through precise measuring and knowledge of products,

     we know exactly what your pool requires and in what

     quantity. You do not have to concern yourself, we do the

     work for you.

5) Good maintenance lowers costs.

     The better balanced the water in the pool is, the less PH-

     or PH+ is necessary. It happens all too often that chlorine

     is overused. It is a fact that the water in your pool can

     look good visually, but it can still damage the pool.

     Alkalinity, PH and calcium play a very important role in

     stabilizing your water. Lowering your costs and

     preserving your pool.

6) No financial surprises

    PiscineProvence works with subscriptions. Depending on

    the size, the condition, the type of your pool and your

    wishes, PiscineProvence offers you a flat rate for

    maintenance. Thus, it is in the interest of PiscineProvence

    to service your pool on a regular basis.

7) We have a heart for your pool!

     Money is important in this world, it is undeniable. Passion

     is also important. We keep ourselves informed on any new

     products that come on the market. There is nothing more

     satisfying than to find a solution for an interesting

     problem. No better reward than to finish a job and see a

     wonderful pool.

PiscineProvence uses Lamotte’s professional test kit. It helps us to get a complete picture of the quality of the water in your pool. With this kit we can precisely measure the values of:

PH                  Calcium hardness

free Chlorine   Iron

total Chlorine  Copper

Bromine          Cyanuric acid

Alkalinity         Saturation Index

Phone: 0033 (0)6 3803 2482